Plummeting Crime

The "stem" of increasing crime was tied during the second half of 2008. Total serious crime (homicides, robbery, rape, serious assaults, burglary, thefts and arson) declined by 15% compared to the same period in 2007. Moreover, violent crime dropped by 29%. By the end of 2008, serious crime was the lowest recorded in the past 20 years.

In 2009, crime in the City of Annapolis further reduced by 36%. The 1,224 Part One crimes reported in the City were the lowest recorded since Uniform Crime Reporting began in 1975. There were 680 fewer Part I Offenses reported in 2009 than in 2008. The total number of violent crimes in the City decreased 24% compared to 2008 and property crimes were down by 38%.

Total serious crime reported in 2010 was 1,327. The low crime "success" continued; however the 103 additional offenses compared to 2009 were largely the result of thefts that occurred indoors, i.e., shoplifting. Compared to 2007, just 3 years prior, overall crime was down 41%. Even more telling was that violent crime was much lower than past years and 8% lower than 2009. 2010 violent crime marked a 31 year low.

Continuing the Trend

The transformative crime reduction was a direct result of the dedication and commitment of the men and women of the Department through pro-active law enforcement strategies and successful, working partnerships throughout the communities. Although tremendous strides have been made, the work is not done. All members of the Annapolis Police Department continue to work diligently to maintain safe communities throughout the City.