Leaf & Yard Waste Management

What to do with all the leaves in your yard? If you have a mulching lawn mower, you can mulch all your leaves without having to remove them from your yard. The mulched leaves will help to fertilize your grass, and may allow you to fertilize your grass less than you normally would. If you prefer to remove the leaves from your yard, new regulations require that the leaves be bagged in paper bags to be picked up by the Department of Public Works.

Dead Zones

Do not blow or rake any leaves or yard waste down into the storm drains, as that is now prohibited by law. Leaves and yard waste can cause blocked storm drains, and once they enter the water column they add unnecessary nutrients to our waterways, contributing to the creation of any dead zones that are low on oxygen. Dead zones are detrimental to fish, crabs, and other aquatic wildlife. So keep it simple. Bag it. Mulch it. Compost it.

Storm Drain Coloring Book

Download a free coloring book that will help educate your children about how storm drains work, and how the affect the environment.