Primary Election Candidates

This page has the 2017 elections candidate's biographies, contact information and more.

Political Abbreviations

  • D: Democrat
  • R: Republican
  • Una: Unaffiliated
  • ADCC: Annapolis Democratic Central Committee
  • ARCC: Annapolis Republican Central Committee

Mayoral Candidates

Mike Pantelides

Mayor Mike Pantelides

Mike Pantelides (R) Mayoral Candidate

Nevin L. Young

Nevin L. Young

Nevin L. Young (R) Mayoral Candidate

John Astle

John Astle

John Astle (D) Mayoral Candidate

Gavin Buckley

Picture of Gavin Buckley

Gavin Buckley (D) Mayoral Candidate

Aldermanic Candidates

Larry Claussen

Larry Claussen

Larry Claussen (R) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 1

Joe Budge

Joe Budge

Joe Budge (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 1

Eleanor "Elly" Tierney

Eleanor M. Tierney

Eleanor "Elly" Tierney (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 1

Frederick M. Paone

IMG_0981 Cropped

Frederick M. Paone (R) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 2

Kurt Riegel

Kurt Riegel

Kurt Riegel (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 2

Rhonda Pindell Charles

Rhonda Pindell Charles

Rhonda P. Charles (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 3

Sheila M. Finlayson

Sheila M. Finlayson

Sheila M. Finlayson (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 4

Toni Strong Pratt

Toni Strong Pratt

Toni Strong Pratt (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 4

James Appel

James P Appel

James Appel (R) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 5

Marc Rodriguez

Marc Rodriguez

Marc Rodriguez (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 5

DaJuan Kyre Gay

Picture of DaJuan Kyre Gay

DaJuan Kyre Gay (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 6

Shaneka Henson

Shaneka Henson

Shaneka Henson (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 6

David Frankel

David Frankel

David Frankel (R) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 7

Robert Savidge

Picture of Robert Savidge

Robert Savidge (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 7

Alexus Viegas

Picture of Alexus N Viegas

Alexus N. Viegas (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 7

Julie Mussog

Julie Mussog

Julie Mussog (R) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 8

Ross Arnett

Ross Arnett

Ross Arnett (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 8

John "Bumper" Moyer

John Rodger Moyer

John "Bumper" Moyer (D) Aldermanic Candidate Ward 8

Central Committee Candidates

Tom McCarthy


Tom McCarthy (D) Candidate ADCC Ward 1

Phebe McPherson

P McPherson

Phebe McPherson (D) Candidate ADCC Ward 2

Michael Dye


Michael Dye (R) Candidate ARCC Ward 3

N T Sharps II

Norvain T. Sharps II (D) Candidate ADCC Ward 3_280x420_thumb

N T Sharps II (D) ADCC Ward 3

Johnny R. Calhoun


Johnny R. Calhoun (D) Candidate ADCC Ward 5

Yiannes Kacoyianni


Yiannes Kacoyianni (D) Candidate ADCC Ward 6

Patrick J. Allison


Patrick J. Allison (​R​) Candidate A​R​CC Ward ​7

Image does not exist

Sari Kiraly (D) Candidate ADCC Ward 8

Carol Kelly


Carol Kelly (D) Candidate ADCC At-Large

Central Committee Candidates Without Photos

John A. Giannetti, Jr. (D) Candidate ADCC Ward 5

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