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Personal Training at the "Pip" Moyer Recreation Center (PMRC)

  • Certified Personal Trainers (PMRC Fitness Specialists) provide you a customized, goal oriented and progressive workout plan.
  • Sessions are tailored to address your individual needs, your experience level and specific health considerations you have.
  • A variety of fresh training methods and techniques are continuously applied to create fun, safe, challenging and effective workouts.
  • Your trainer nurtures your motivation, holds you accountable for your success and educates you on the principles and philosophies of fitness to efficiently achieve your desired results.
  • Personal Training is an extra benefit to the PMRC membership so sessions must be paid for. Learn about the rates.


During your initial meeting with your trainer, he/she will review and discuss your health and medical history, your workout history and your fitness goals. Baseline measurements, an exercise equipment orientation and a physical fitness assessment may be included as necessary. Any information provided during the consultation is considered voluntary and confidential. The information is used strictly for the planning and development of a safe, effective and customized exercise program.

Learn more about the personal training program and complete the interest form (PDF) so you're prepared when you discuss your health history and fitness goals with one of our PMRC Fitness Specialists. (You'll need to bring the completed form to your first appointment.)

Ale Butler personal trainer PMRC

Ale Butler, CPT (ACE)

Alejandro "Ale" Butler is a certified personal trainer and aquatic fitness instructor that has been a health and fitness coach in Maryland for nearly 10 years. He began teaching water aerobics in 2013 and started personal training in 2015. Ale’s passion for health and fitness began at a young age and he wishes to share his enthusiasm with you! It is his mission to improve the lives and health of those in his community.

Stacey Oliff personal trainer PMRC

Stacey Oliff, CPT (ACE)

Stacey is a certified personal trainer that focuses on cardiovascular endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. She trains female and male clients of all ages and abilities. Stacey focuses on helping her clients be the healthiest, fit people they can be in their everyday lives. She works with athletes, seniors and the general population as her clients.

Fitness Class Schedule

Not sure about what a specific fitness class entails? Check out the *full list of descriptions! *Please note that not all classes may be offered currently.

Personal Training Information

Fitness at PMRC

Indoor Track at PMRC

Changing up a workout routine is important to achieving optimal physical fitness. Therefore please recognize that the operational direction of the indoor track at PMRC alternates daily between clockwise and counter-clockwise. This schedule directly ties to the numeric parity of any given date: odd-numbered days will always run clockwise; even-numbered days will always run counter-clockwise. The "directional arrow" signs currently in place along the track railing flip daily to reflect the desired flow of traffic. For example: Sunday, July 10 clockwise, Monday, July 11 counter-clockwise, Tuesday, July 12 clockwise and so on.