Mission & Values

Mission Statement of the Annapolis Police Department

The Annapolis Police Department is dedicated to preventing and reducing crime for the community we serve. It is imperative we preserve the quality of life in the city through fair and impartial law enforcement services. The Annapolis Police Department will work tirelessly to provide our state's capitol with a safe and secure environment for those we serve.


The men and women of the Annapolis Police Department are highly qualified individuals whose core values are honor, respect, integrity, and service. We will recruit, train, and equip an unrivaled and diverse workforce. We will work diligently to preserve and uphold democracy and the freedoms afforded to all by the Constitution through proactive problem solving and community policing.


  • Improve Community Safety by being innovative in strategy and technology.
  • Improve Community Outreach and Communication through partnerships and developing mutual trust.
  • Maintain High Professional Standards through transparency and exceptional training.
  • Improve Career Development by hiring a diverse work force that is mentored.

Core Values of the Annapolis Police Department

  • Honor
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Service
Police Department Honor Guard in dress uniforms holding flags