Pip Moyer Recreation Center

Pip Moyer Recreation Center front view May 2021 picture taken by Luke Thompson

The "Pip" Moyer Recreation Center (PMRC) is open daily from 6 am to 8 pm.

Masks (face coverings) are not required inside of Annapolis Recreation and Parks facilities at this time but they are strongly encouraged. This went into effect on 2/2/22.

PMRC is thoroughly disinfected throughout the day. This includes exercise equipment, the indoor track, meeting rooms, common areas and restrooms. While at PMRC, we ask that you remain 6’ apart from others to maintain physical distancing. Hand sanitizing stations are installed throughout the facility. Kidz Zone and Ballocity™ reopened, so please refer to those pages for specific days and hours.

Rental Information

Rentals at this time are assigned only to government agencies, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations and other types of organizational meetings. We are not renting rooms for birthday, holiday, anniversary, family and/or graduation celebrations at this time.

Requests for a rental may be made in person at PMRC up to six months in advance of the rental date but no later than 72 hours, in some cases one week, in advance of the rental date. We don't accept rental reservations or rental payments online; all transactions must be made in person at PMRC.

For more information, please contact Melissa Brown at mnbrown@annapolis.gov or call 410.263.7958.

Rental Fees *indicates weekends only

Rental Fees
Rental Fees (per hour)
City of Annapolis Resident Non-Resident
*Single Meeting Room
$37 $45
*Full Meeting Space (3 rooms)
$110 $132
*Kitchenette $13 $16
Single Court
Full Gymnasium
$180 $225
Auxiliary Gym
$75 $90

After Hours Fees (per hour) *beyond 6 am to 8 pm*

After Hours Fees (per hours)
*After Hours* Fees (per hour)
City of Annapolis Resident
Single Meeting Room
$50 $58
Full Meeting Space (3 rooms)
$123 $145
Kitchenette call for rate
call for rate
Single Court
$75 $90
Full Gymnasium
$195 $240
Auxiliary Gym
$90 $105