Office of the City Clerk

If you need a City of Annapolis-issued license, permit, or renewal, please call the Clerk’s office at 410-263-7942. Forms are available online.

The Office of the City Clerk consists of the City Clerk, Deputy City Clerk and the City Council Associate.


The City Clerk's duties include:

  • Certifying and attesting to the actions of the City and its officials
  • Serving as the Custodian of the City Seal and the legal records of the City
  • Serving as the Clerk to the City Council
  • Advertising all elections which are to be held under the Charter, and making return of the same in the manner now provided for by the laws regulating elections
  • Directly issuing over 25 different types of permits
  • Keeping a record of all proceedings of the Annapolis City Council
  • Preparing grants and certificates for licenses
  • Preparing, maintaining and recording all laws, ordinances, and resolutions adopted and enacted by the Annapolis City Council

The City Clerk or her designee serves as clerk to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and the Board of Supervisors of Election.