Sustainable Annapolis

Sustainable Annapolis is a program dedicated to making Annapolis a sustainable, carbon neutral city. The Sustainable Annapolis program started in response to the completion of the Annapolis Government Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (PDF) and the Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (PDF).

Through the energy inventories, we found that a majority of the energy use came from buildings and utilities such as our water reclamation facility. With the goal of creating a program that would promote and facilitate the city's efforts to become an environmentally, economically, and socially stable neighborhood, the Sustainable Annapolis program is utilized to collaborate with the community in developing a way forward to sustainability.

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Community Action Plan

Sustainable Annapolis proposed an open forum of communication to draw interest, launch initiatives, and solicit community feedback and participation. All feedback received from the public was considered to be incorporated into our sustainability plan, which we call the Sustainable Annapolis Community Action Plan. It compiles a list of goals and targeted programs that are suggested to be implemented to achieve those goals.

Current Focus

The current focus of the Sustainable Annapolis program is to continue implementing and reporting on our progress with our Community Action Plan and to launch programs that seek to further our sustainability and climate goals. Most notably under Sustainable Annapolis, we launched the Annapolis Environmental Stewardship Certification program.


Sustainability Program Documents & Tools