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The Office of Communications oversees and coordinates internal and external communications from the Mayor's Office, City Council and all departments in City government. The Public Information Officer (PIO) seeks to provide timely, proactive and responsive public information while fostering a positive relationship with local and national media. 

The office utilizes print, web, audio, video and social media to reach the public for dissemination of information. This office handles all media inquiries, manages and produces programming for City of Annapolis TV ( the local, non-commercial cable station) and serves as community liaison for media outreach efforts.

Additionally, the communications officer coordinates logistical requirements for media events and is the primary point of contact for local and national media, including television, newspaper, and radio.

The Office maintains 24-7 communication with the public via the city website, email, and social media to publicize information critical to day-to-day operations.

Key Links

View All City Official Social Media Channels

City of Annapolis TV Channels

  • Verizon: Channel 34 (in the City of Annapolis)
  • Comcast: Channel 99/100 (in the City of Annapolis)

Archived City Council Meetings

Citations and Proclamations

  • Request a City Council Citation
    City Council Citations are signed by the Mayor and all members of the City Council and given for significant birthdays and anniversaries, retirements (including military service), business openings and other outstanding achievements (service/good deeds) by our residents, organizations or businesses.
  • Request a Mayoral Proclamation
    Used as educational tools, City of Annapolis Proclamations are issued by the Mayor to build awareness on a range of topics. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and issued at the Mayor's discretion. The Mayor's Office reserves the right to edit all draft language. These documents are strictly ceremonial and not legally binding. The Mayor’s Office reserves the right to deny any request. Please note: Mayoral Proclamations are NOT automatically reissued each year.  

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