Plan Your Commute

Just how much does your commute cost you? Find out how much you’re spending and how much you could be saving by alternating your transportation methods using this Commuter Calculator.

Calling All Bike Enthusiasts

When the weather turns warm, it’s time to consider putting your bike on the road - not just for pleasure but to get to work! Interested in bike commuting? Join the City of Annapolis, the Commuter Crew  and other organizations at the Annual Bike-to-Work Day.

Find out where bike commuters are caravaning from to the Annapolis City Dock, also you can get tips on bike commuting and register to participate.

Did You Know

  • Motor vehicles produce 55% of all cancer-causing pollutants.
  • Each gallon of gasoline burned produces 19.4 pounds (that’s right, almost 20 pounds) of carbon dioxide!
  • Twelve bicycles can be parked in the space required for one vehicle.
  • It costs about $600 a year to rent a space to put your car.
  • Pavement for autos covers 50% of all urban space in the USA in the form of driveways, parking lots and roads.
  • Passenger vehicles consume 50% of U.S. transportation energy, while freight trucks consume 23%.
  • Commuting to work on a bicycle at moderate speed burns about 200 calories per hour and creates a more energetic employee.
  • Americans spend 1.6 million hours per day stuck in traffic. Each year the time and fuel wasted in traffic congestion adds up to a cost of about $40 billion.
  • Americans use their cars to travel 4 out of every 5 miles. 60% of the pollution from a typical car trip is emitted in the first few minutes when the engine is still cold.
  • Through its lifetime, a typical car will dump 34 tons of carbon dioxide and 300 pounds of smog-forming (nitrogen oxides plus hydrocarbons plus heat from the sun) pollutants into the atmosphere.
  • Average fuel consumption increases 30% when speed is raised from 55 to 75 miles per hour.
  • One mile of new freeway costs $100 million to build.
  • 40% of all trips are less than five miles long. Only 8% of all trips are longer than 25 miles.
  • Every full bus can remove more than 45 cars from traffic.
  • Telecommuters report that working at home reduces stress, balances their demands and personal obligations, and increases loyalty to the company.