Preparedness is the proactive phase of disaster management. Steps include training personnel, developing adequate response plans, identifying necessary resources, conducting disaster exercises, and maintaining an Emergency Operations Center.
  1. Annapolis Live Traffic Update

    View a live traffic update of Annapolis, MD.

  2. Community Preparedness

    Learn how to make an emergency preparedness kit.

  3. EL Zol Spanish Radio

    Visit the El Zol 107.9 Radio website.

  4. Emergency Operations Center

    By coordinating response efforts between departments and stakeholders, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) allows the City to provide faster and more effective and comprehensive incident response and to avoid duplicated efforts which may result in a waste of limited resources.

  5. Flood Insurance Program

    This page provides an overview of the National Flood Insurance Program and shares additional information and links for property owners, claims adjusters, insurance professionals, lenders, surveyors and elected officials.

  6. Hydrologic Chart / Flood Forecast

    View the National Weather Service's Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.

Emergency Sign