Training Division

Key Mission

Training is one of the most important functions within the Annapolis Fire Department. It is the mission of the Annapolis Fire Department’s Training Division to provide the highest quality training, instruction and evaluation to our members. Additionally, the Training Division is responsible for the development of our officers, firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians as they progress forward in their careers.

The Training Division is intended to prepare our department to serve our community in the most efficient, effective and professional means possible, and ensure personal safety in every aspect of pursuing our goals, objectives and delivery of service. This shall be accomplished by:

  • Coordinate training activities to ensure compliance with relevant standards and legal requirements
  • Delivering the most meaningful and realistic training possible while ensuring personal safety
  • Encouraging individual and outside training
  • Evaluating the training level of individual members and firefighting, rescue and EMS teams
  • Maintaining complete and comprehensive electronic training records
  • Plan and coordinate training with partner organizations
  • Requiring officer led company level training

The Annapolis Fire Department Training Division is currently managed by Captain Kelly L. Ruth. The Training Division coordinates a team of certified instructors both inside and outside the department that deliver state and nationally recognized training programs.

View photos from past training sessions.