Bike Theft Prevention

Top 3 Tips for Theft Prevention

  1. Always lock your bike's frame and wheels with a high-quality, modern U-lock (that has a flat or disc key).
  2. Remove all detachable items like lights, bags and quick release parts.
  3. Lock to a bike rack, parking meter or firmly affixed sign pole - these are the most secure places but must be in accordance with State laws regarding the securing of a bicycle.

See images to the below for locking depictions.

Anti-Theft Lock Diagram
Proper Bike Locking

More Tips

  • Always lock your bike, even if you're just leaving it for a moment, or it can literally "roll away."
  • Always lock through the frame and a wheel. Add a cable or second U-lock to lock the second wheel. See the diagram above.
  • Always use a modern, high quality U-lock. U-locks are strong and better ones come with theft warranties. Buy the most expensive lock you can afford. Only buy a U-lock with a flat or disc key. Cylindrical keyed locks are more easily picked. See the diagram above.
  • Always lock to something secure like a bike rack, parking meter or firmly affixed sign pole.
  • Beware of locking to "sucker poles" that are loosely bolted down and can easily be removed.
  • Remove detachable items like lights, bags and quick release parts from your bike and take them with you.
  • Consider replacing quick release parts with ones that bolt on for greater security.
  • Lock your bike close by and keep it in view as much as possible.
  • Lock near entrances and well-lit, secure areas.
  • Lock your bike inside if space is available.
  • Lock your bike when keeping it in a garage or other unattended indoor area, even if you can only lock the bike to itself by locking the frame to a wheel.
  • Check out the lock manufacturer's warranty and product replacement policy.
  • Taking the time to lock up your bike with a high quality, relatively inexpensive U-lock is the best way to keep your bike yours. It's better to lock your bike than to buy a new one!