Office of the Fire Marshal


The Annapolis Fire Department Fire Marshal's Office is dedicated to preserving life and property from fire, explosion and other related hazards through fire prevention, public education and fire investigation. We do our best to support the needs of the community. It's a delicate balance between ensuring fire protection measures are in place in our historic buildings and embracing technological advancement, all while encouraging growth.

Our staff fills three distinct roles in completing our mission; public education, life safety and public information. Versatility is a must, as our personnel fill all three roles at times. This is a concept infused into our day to day activities as we work cooperatively with other city, county and state agencies.

The staff of the Fire Marshal's Office places service to our community as our top priority. We are actively working with the Department of Neighborhood and Environmental Programs and Planning and Zoning to improve the efficiency of the building permit and inspection process. Our Fire and Explosive Services Unit is located here in the state capital working with our regional partners and the state to ensure the continuity of our political and social resources.