Coexist - Give Respect, Get Respect

"Encouraging motorists and bicyclists to share the road."

Sponsored by the Annapolis Police Department and the Department of Transportation

The Give Respect, Get Respect campaign educates motorists and bicyclists in the City of Annapolis on how to participate in proper road conduct. Choosing a bicycle for transportation is a great idea and it has never been more important to learn to share the road. Promoting calmer, safer, more respectful behavior by all road users in the City of Annapolis is an important part of the City's ongoing campaign for safer streets and more livable neighborhoods.

Key Campaign Messages

The key messages of the campaign are as follows:

  • Reminding motorists to leave at least 3 feet of space when passing bicyclists, and to pass slowly and carefully.
  • Reminding bicyclists to ride predictably in the roadway and ride with traffic, not against it.
  • Reminding motorists to check their side mirrors for approaching bicyclists before opening their car doors after parking.
  • Reminding bicyclists to ride at least 3 feet outside of the dangerous door zone - the area just next to parked cars, where doors can suddenly and dangerously fly open.
  • Reminding motorists that blocking a bike lane or SHARROW is illegal and forces bicyclists to swerve into moving traffic.
  • Reminding bicyclists to yield to pedestrians and stay off the sidewalks.


The three goals of the Give Respect Get Respect campaign:

  1. Educate motorists to share the road - and give cyclists the space we deserve.
  2. Educate cyclists not to ride on the sidewalk, ride in the direction of traffic, not to ride in a way that threatens pedestrians.
  3. Educate Police Officers about the laws that protect cyclists.


Give/Get events will happen several times a year. The Department of Transportation joins with City police officers to educate cyclists and motorists about proper conduct on the road.


Police Officers hand out information to motorists detailing activities that endanger cyclists, and pass out multi-lingual educational flyers to educate cyclists. The first of these events for 2010 occurred on Wednesday May 19 at the intersection of Bay Ridge Avenue and Madison Street / Eastport Shopping Center. Over 700 flyers were handed out to motorists and cyclists. Further events will be scheduled, stay tuned for upcoming locations.