Levels of EOC Activations

Activation Level
Activation Scope
Activation Example
Level 1
Normal day-to-day business activities.
Normal Business day, OEM staff present with access to Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
Level 2
Office of Emergency Management (OEM) staff monitoring potential hazard development when there is advance notice. Watching impending weather event. Conference calls occurring with OEM staff, and/or City agencies and also with Anne Arundel County OEM and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency.
Level 3
Partial activation of the EOC, only the EOC functions requested will report to the EOC. Ice storm - for short term operations involving limited agencies, such as Public Works, Fire and Police.
Level 4
Full activation of the EOC. All City department functions report to the EOC. Hurricane, major snow storm - City affected throughout. All departments assisting in response. Citizens in need of assistance and/or sheltering. Recovery may be long term.