Emergency Operations Center

EOC OperationsOverview

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a specialized hub that helps the City respond faster and more effectively to incidents by coordinating efforts among various departments and stakeholders. This prevents unnecessary duplication of work and the wastage of limited resources. Launched in September 2010 by the Office of Emergency Management, the EOC acts as the central command for the City's response and recovery actions during emergencies.


The EOC empowers the Office of Emergency Management to manage incidents in a well-coordinated manner. It does this by bringing together representatives from different departments and local groups. They gain access to tools like CCTV cameras, alert systems, a comprehensive electronic incident management tool, mapping capabilities, and advanced audio-visual technologies.

How It Operates

Within the Emergency Operations Center, there's a Joint Information Center. This center is crucial for effective communication during emergencies. It's a place where City departments can manage public inquiries and comments. When there's a major emergency, the public can contact the Joint Information Center at 410-260-2211. The staff there are trained to provide the public with the information they need and assist with City services. The Joint Information Center works under the guidance of the City Chief Communications Officer to ensure proper coordination.

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