Emergency Operations Center


By coordinating response efforts between departments and stakeholders, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) allows the City to provide faster and more effective and comprehensive incident response and to avoid duplicated efforts which may result in a waste of limited resources. The Office of Emergency Management launched the Emergency Operations Center in September 2010. The Emergency Operations Center is a state of the art facility which serves as the "nerve center" for the City's response and recovery efforts before, during and after an incident.


The Emergency Operations Center allows the Office of Emergency Management to provide a coordinated incident response by bringing department representatives and local stakeholders together providing them with access to emergency management tools, such as, CCTV cameras, alert and notification systems, a comprehensive electronic incident management tool, mapping capabilities and integrated audio and visual technologies.

EOC Operations

Joint Information Center

Effective communication is a key emergency management resource. In order serve the community, the Office of Emergency Management has developed a Joint Information Center within the Emergency Operations Center which enables City departments to prioritize and track public inquiries and comments. When activated in major emergencies, the public can reach the Joint Information Center by contacting 410-260-2211. Call takers are trained to provide the public with pertinent information and to handle requests for City services. The Joint Information Center is under the direction of and coordinates with the City Chief Communications Officer.

Emergency Operations Center in Action

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