Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Mission Statement of the Annapolis Office of Emergency Management

To provide vision, direction, and subject matter expertise to coordinate and manage all-hazards emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts and develop an overall culture of safety and resiliency.


Winter In Annapolis

A frosty chill is in the air. Learn how to keep your family safe and warm.

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OEM News and Updates

Be up to date with the latest news from the Office of Emergency Management Office.

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Alert Annapolis

Alert Annapolis delivers general or emergency messages to homes, businesses, cell phones, or answering machines via text message, e-mail, or phone call.

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Hazard Mitigation Plan

The plan is designed to prevent and reduce the potential for loss of life from a variety of hazards.

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OD Free Annapolis

By working directly with community leaders, substance abuse providers and mental health clinicians, we are determined to help stop addiction and overdoses and provide long-term strategies.

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Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center is a facility which serves as the "nerve center" for the City's response and recovery efforts before, during and after an incident.

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