Fire Department Goals & Mission


The Annapolis Fire Department (AFD) exists to provide a safe environment for the community by minimizing the impact of fire and injury through public education, quality service, emergency preparedness and an overall culture of safety.

Goals and Objectives

The Annapolis Fire Department has 8 core strategies intended to support our mission statement. These strategies are the guiding principles of the Annapolis Fire Department and serve to guide our daily operations. In support of these core strategies, the Department establishes annual goals and objectives to ensure continued improvement.

Calendar Year Goals

In October 2012, a Goals Planning Meeting (GPM) was held to develop goals for the Department. Various members of the Department, including representation from Local 1926, participated in recommending short and long term goals for the Department.

All personnel should be familiar with the goals and contribute to their success when possible. Division and Station Officers are encouraged to develop their own goals for the upcoming year. Goals are important for our overall direction and organizational growth; they are our road map to organizational success.