Fire Department History

Annapolis Fire Department 250 years of picture history

  • Produced by Captain Warren E Hadaway
  • Pictures courtesy of Annapolis Fire Department

AFD Class of 2008 Retirees

Class of 2008 retirees from the Annapolis Fire Department. Video played at the 2010 Annapolis Fire Department retirement dinner.

Annapolis Fire Department Class 1

In July 2008 the first all Annapolis Maryland Fire Department recruit class was formed by then Chief Jerome Smith and designated as AFD Recruit Class 1.  The class graduated from the Anne Arundel County Fire Training Academy in October of 2008.  This is their journey.

2010-2015 AFD Retirees

A Celebration of the Annapolis Fire Departments Last Class of Retirees from 2010 to 2015.

COA FIre Boat welcomes USS Sioux City 11-2018

Annapolis Fire Department Fireboat helps welcome USS Sioux City to the USNA in Annapolis Maryland for their Commissioning Ceremony on Saturday, November 17, 2018.