Maps & GIS

Art in Public Places Story Maps - a curated inventory of art in public places across the City and at the United States Naval Academy.  More information and a full catalog can be found on the Art In Public Places Commission page.
Bike Map - a PDF of the City's bike map.  This map is from 2010.

Bus Routes - a PDF of the City's bus routes. The Annapolis Transit service area is about 23 square miles including the City of Annapolis and surrounding Anne Arundel County areas of Edgewater and Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold.
Circulator Bus Route - The Circulator trolley loops through downtown from Westgate Circle to Memorial Circle. The Circulator trolley starts at the Westin Annapolis Hotel at Park Place, along West Street, making stops at Knighton garage, Gott's Garage, and the Hillman garage. 
Interactive Ward Map -  a web map that allows users to look up representative by clicking on the map.
Parks Finder - The City of Annapolis Parks Finder allows users to explore the city parks by amentaties or locations.  Pictures of most parks are included as well.
Below is a list of resources for GIS information and data.
  • Maryland GIS MDI Map - The State of Maryland host a robust open data site.   Data includes imagery, environmental and other state wide datasets. 
  • Anne Arundel County - Anne Arundel County Maryland office online interactive maps as well as data for GIS download that includes data for the City of Annapolis
  • Maryland Department of Planning:  Property Map Products -  The State of Maryland Department of Planning offers property related layers.
  • QGIS - This is an open source GIS software for users who wish to use GIS data with a free software