Cedar Park & Windell Avenue Crosswalk

Cedar Park Road at Windell Avenue Pedestrian Island

This traffic study was undertaken in response to complaints of speeding, concerns for pedestrian safety (particularly walkers traveling to/from Germantown Elementary school), requests for traffic calming, increased crosswalk safety measures, and the addition of a multiway stop at the intersection of Cedar Park Road and Windell Avenue and a crosswalk on the east approach of this intersection.

Cedar Park Road and Windell Avenue  crosswalk

As a result of the traffic study, the City of Annapolis is pleased to announce that a pedestrian island pilot study will be conducted. The temporary pedestrian island will be installed on the east approach of Cedar Park Road at Windell Avenue, along with a new crosswalk. The left turn lane on Cedar Park Road will be removed to accommodate the pedestrian island. The pedestrian island will serve two purposes: (1) to provide traffic calming and (2) to enhance pedestrian safety.

The pedestrian island will provide traffic calming by causing vehicles to slow down, as it gives the appearance that the road is narrower, and left turning vehicles will be forced to slow down and make a wide left turn. During site observations and physical evidence of wearing line striping, it was observed that left turning vehicles were cutting the turn short so they didn’t have to slow down. The island will improve pedestrian safety by giving pedestrians a refuge area while crossing the road. Additionally, by removing the left turn lane, the distance the pedestrian is exposed to vehicular traffic and the number of conflicts are reduced (two lanes of traffic instead of three).

The pedestrian island pilot study will run for approximately six months. During this time, please provide your feedback on the project by contacting Alexis Rider at amrider@annapolis.gov.