National Community Survey

National Community Survey - Annapolis 2023

The National Community Survey (NCS) is a questionnaire that measures a community’s livability. The survey, conducted by Polco, asks Annapolis residents about their experience living in Maryland’s capital city. The results are benchmarked against more than 500 communities nationwide.

Livability is defined as, “the sum of the factors that add up to a community’s quality of life.” NCS has eight livability factors:

  1. Safety
  2. Mobility
  3. Natural environment
  4. Built environment
  5. Economy
  6. Recreation and wellness
  7. Education and enrichment
  8. Community engagement

There are two phases of the Annapolis NCS: The first phase is a paper questionnaire sent to 3,000 randomly-selected Annapolis residents. That survey was sent via USPS in mid-October. Respondents who receive the paper survey should fill it out and return it by US mail in the envelope provided or by filling out the survey online using the information contained on the postcard they received. The second phase of the survey is a digital-only version that will open on November 9. Both versions close November 27, 2023.

Your email will not be used for any other purpose than correspondence regarding the NCS. If you are interested in viewing the results of the survey, please select the button in the form below (results are expected mid-December). 

Thank you for participating!

In order to complete the survey, Polco asks users to complete a registration process. Your survey responses remain anonymous and the survey results delivered to the City are aggregated. Polco is not permitted to sell your personal information (ever) or use it for marketing. Your registration simply allows the City to engage in follow-up surveys about important topics in the future.

National Community Survey