Funding Resources for your Project

Grants are available to fund both the design of new stormwater treatment facilities and to construct new facilities. Sometimes projects have a dual benefit of both treating currently untreated run-off and improving drainage in communities. A design grant may fund an engineering firm to design stormwater facilities, potentially host public outreach meetings, and assist in gathering necessary long term maintenance agreements for the facilities. 

Once a project is designed funding for construction can be sought to permit and implement the desired projects. Usually grants require this work be publicly bid to ensure a fair price. Working with a local non-profit to help manage contracts can be helpful. At the end of a construction project as-builts or plans showing the as constructed survey of the new stormwater facilities is delivered to the City. These plans contain maintenance notes on how to maintain these facilities. As mentioned above the maintenance for facilities may be shared between the property owner and the City. The City will inspect stormwater facilities every three years. Grants that can help with design and construction of stormwater facilities are:

Chesapeake Bay Trust (link to Trust website):

The City partners with Anne Arundel County and the Chesapeake Bay Trust to award water quality improvement grants each year. These can be for project design or implementation. Usually applications are due in the Spring. More information can be found here: 

National Fish and Wildlife (link):

The Chesapeake Bay Stewardship fund offers small watershed grants for both design and project implementation. Applications are usually due in Spring. More information can be found here: