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Annapolis is an old city and many subdivisions pre-date stormwater management. The City is working together with community members to treat and restore currently untreated impervious surfaces. Some of these projects and programs include:

  • Installation of stormwater management controls in untreated areas;

  • Implementation of stream restoration and other water quality remediation projects;

  • Maintenance of the City’s stormwater facilities and storm drain infrastructure; and

  • Implementation of an illicit discharge and spill response program to prevent and respond to water pollution reports.

All of these actions combine to help reduce flooding, protect private property, protect the environment and contribute to happier, healthier communities. Annapolis’s Watershed Restoration Fee helps fund these programs. It is one of many tools the City is using to help keep our local waterways healthy.

Thinking about a project?

When thinking about that next project?  The Stormwater Management Team is here to help.

  • Reach out to discuss your project at
  • Schedule a site visit
  • Explore various grants
  • Consider utilities in the area
  • Know what's needed before applying, then apply online.

If you have an idea for a project in your community, the Restoration Project Workflow will help you through the process through design, permitting, and implementation. If the project is located in the City historical areas additional permits/ approvals will be required.  Check with the Historic Preservation Division.