West East Express Trail

Project Overview

The West East Express (WEE) is high priority trail project underway in Annapolis that will dramatically expand the City’s trail network. The project has received substantial planning and design funding from the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Kim Lamphier Bike Network grant program, and construction funding from the US Department of Transportation’s Recreational Trails Program and Transportation Alternatives Program. Read More

For more background on the West East Express trail, check out this Story Map profile! 

WEE Overview Graphic

Project Schedule and Design Process

Each of the three WEE segments is in a different stage of design. The design process is typically measured by percent completion and the typical milestones are 30% design, 65% design, and 100% design. Community participation takes place through 65% design. After 65% design, the project design is established and the design team focuses on producing the final construction documents needed for permitting and construction. Current project status:

  • East Extension: 30% Design 
  • Poplar Trail Improvements: Preliminary Design
  • West Extension: 30-65% Design

Community Participation

It is critical that the communities who will benefit from the WEE are actively involved in the design process. There are multiple ways to participate: 

  • Do you live in a community directly adjacent to the trail? Help us organize a presentation to your community! Please email csortiz@annapolis.gov to start the discussion
  • Do you want to have a more active role in the design process? Please join our WEE Advisory Committee which will meet regularly to review the design progress.  Please email csortiz@annapolis.gov to get more information
  • There will be public events for a citywide audience scheduled at major milestones to share design progress. These events may be in-person or virtual.
  • Comments or questions can be sent by email at any time to City planning staff. Please direct comments to both csortiz@annapolis.gov and ejleshinsky@annapolis.gov