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Stormwater management is how we control stormwater runoff for the purposes of reducing downstream erosion, water quality degradation, and flooding, as well as mitigating the adverse effects of land uses on the aquatic environment.  The three principles to managing stormwater are "slow it down, spread it out, and soak it in." 

Proper management of stormwater runoff minimizes damage to public and private property, reduces the effects of development on land, controls stream channel erosion, reduces local flooding, and maintains after development, as nearly as possible, the predevelopment runoff characteristics.

The State has several stormwater management practices to choose from in its Stormwater Design Manual. Historically management consisted of large practices such as stormwater ponds that directed runoff from a community to one central location for retention and slow release from the site. 

The latest techniques are broadly referred to as Environmental Site Design (ESD) practices. These practices aim to spread management of runoff throughout an improved site with many small green practices.

Stormwater runoff can happen on both construction and non-construction sites.  Stormwater management on construction sites is referred to as Sediment and Erosion Control. Post construction run-off control or stormwater management involves maintaining Best Management Practices.


Best Management Practice (BMP) Fact Sheets


Find out if you have a stormwater BMP on your property or in your neighborhood.

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In your own yard, make sure to repair and maintain devices so rainwater flows properly.  Prevent the transportation of sediment when you have a pile of mulch, dirt or topsoil waiting to be spread out in the yard - remember to cover the pile, place on a tarp, or protect the movement of material with straw bales.

It doesn't matter if it is a large construction site or a small yard project, EVERYONE needs to do their part to keep material other than rain out of the drain.

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