Tackling Stormwater Management: Keeping Clean Water in Focus

The City of Annapolis’s water resources are subject to a variety of pollution sources, which affect the water quality, habitat, and physical condition of local streams & rivers. Because Annapolis is an urbanized environment, a majority of pollutants come from urban stormwater & other discharges to the stormwater conveyance system. Along the way, stormwater runoff picks up trash and toxins including fast-food wrappers, cigarette butts, used motor oil, lawn chemicals, and pet waste. This water travels into catch basins and through storm drain pipes & ditches, and discharges untreated water into our local streams.

Our local streams flow into the Severn River and South River, which feed into the Chesapeake Bay. When left uncontrolled, stormwater pollution can destroy fish, wildlife and habitats; threaten the quality of our drinking water supplies; and reduce the recreational and aesthetic values of our water resources.

One of the major goals of stormwater legislation is to increase public awareness about how daily activities can degrade water quality so that we can work together to improve water quality in our local streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.

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The Department of Public Works investigates reported problems to determine if they pose a hazard to human health or the environment.  Please report any illicit discharges, dumping, or spills into storm drain inlets, creeks, or streams.

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