NO HARM - Community-based Violence Intervention Prevention Program

Stop Hurting, Start Healing

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NO HARM Mission Statement

NO HARM VIP is a Community-based Violence Intervention Prevention Program managed by the Annapolis Mayor's Office. NO HARM provides resources to build awareness against community violence and to connect impacted individuals to resources in order to improve the overall quality of life for our neighbors and communities. For questions about our program, feel free to email us at

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Coren Makell


Coren Eve Makell, Neighborhood Engagement Specialist

Coren Eve Makell is a 21-year-old Annapolis native dedicated to serving her community. A proud neighborhood advocate who is driven and motivational to everyone she encounters. As a licensed Esthetician, Makell has an extensive and continuing education background in Self Care. Her mission is to spread more awareness about the importance of self efficacy, confidence and unity. Coren is a proud neighborhood advocate who encourages her community to chase their wildest dreams and to Never Give Up!