FY 2024 Community Grant Application

  1. Charter and Code of the City of Annapolis

    Chapter 6.16.060 - Priorities for making operating and/or capital grants to non-profit organizations under the City of Annapolis Community Grant Program. 

    1. For the purposes of this section an "operating grant" shall provide support for the day-to-day costs of running the non-profit organization. A "capital grant" shall provide support for the purchase of property, the construction, remodeling, or expansion of a facility, or purchase of equipment by a non-profit organization.
    2. Subject to the availability of funds, the City will consider funding an operating and/or capital grant to a non-profit organization with an application submission that meets one of the following priorities:
      1. Provides services that sustain and empower youth, families and individuals to move towards an improved quality of life and self-sufficiency;
      2. Provides programs that preserve and enhance a community's character;
      3. Provides programs that contribute to a vibrant economy; or
      4. Promotes programs that are integral to community revitalization, economic development and environmental sustainability.
    3. There shall be a committee convened to review and evaluate applications submitted to the City of Annapolis for an operating and/or capital grant in accordance with the criteria in Section 6.16.060 D. The committee shall consist of: the Mayor's designated staff person; the Finance Director's designated staff person; and two at large staff persons.
    4. Application qualification criteria:
      1. Applicant shall have the administrative and financial capacity to carry out the project successfully and shall be in good standing with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation;
      2. The project shall help meet the goals and objectives set forth in Paragraph B of this section;
      3. The applicant shall demonstrate that the proposed activity shall provide maximum public benefit in relation to cost; and
      4. The applicant shall demonstrate the ability to leverage additional funds.
    5. Grants committee recommendations to Finance Committee.

    The grants committee shall make recommendations to the Finance Committee for its consideration as part of the annual budget process.

    (Ord. O-14-08 Amended § 1, 2008)

    (Ord. No. O-54-11 Amended, § I, 1-23-2012; Ord. No. O-7-14, § I, 12-22-2014; Ord. No. O-7-15 Amended, § I, 4-27-2015)

  2. Guidelines and Instructions

    Applications must be received by Wednesday, February 15, 4:30 PM. Applications received after the above date and time will not be considered nor will extensions be permitted.

    The following documents are required and must be included in all applications:

    1.  Copy of the last audit or financial statements. If audited financials are not available, please provide a copy of the organization’s most recent IRS Form 990 tax return. 
    2. Organization budget for current year, including income and expenses.
    3. Board of Directors including addresses and phone numbers.
    4. A copy of the organization’s (or the fiscal agent’s) current IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. 
    5. A copy of the organization’s Certificate of Good Standing from the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. 
    6. A copy of the organization’s most recent annual report (if applicable). 
    7. If this request includes partner organizations, please provide a copy of a Memorandum of Understanding, support letters, or a description of the roles and responsibilities for each organization that is signed by all parties (if applicable). 

    If you have questions or any concerns, please contact us by email at communitygrants@annapolis.gov.