Annapolis Watersheds

Annapolis Watershed Map

The City includes portions of the Severn River and the South River Watersheds. Approximately 80 percent of the City is located in the Severn River Watershed, with Forest Drive generally dividing it from the South River Watershed. The City has 12 sub-watersheds, which are split between the Severn River and South River Watersheds. Spa Creek and Back Creek are the largest sub-watersheds, and the remaining 10 sub-watersheds were grouped into two groups based on their location in the Severn River or South River Watershed in this plan for identification and evaluation of potential water quality improvement projects.

Watershed Name Sub-watersheds Included
Spa Creek Sub-Watershed Spa Creek
Back Creek Sub-Watershed Back Creek
Severn River Sub-Watershed College Creek, Weems Creek, Chase Pond, Lake Ogleton, Severn River, Tidal
South River Sub-Watershed Church Creek, Crab Creek, Aberdeen Creek, Duvall Creek, Harness Creek