FAQ Rental MPDUs

Rental MPDUs

1.        How are the prices of rental units determined? 

The rental price of MPDUs are set by the City and are based on “Fair Market Rents” (FMRs) set by HUD for the Baltimore region.  If the landlord of the MPDU pays all utilities (heat, water, sewer, electric and trash), then the rent is 100% of HUD’s FMRs.  If the landlord does not pay all utilities, then the rent is 80% of HUD’s FMRs. 

2.        What is the occupancy period on a rental MPDU, and what does it mean? 

The occupancy period is a set period of time beginning on the initial occupancy date of the rental MPDU and 99 years into the future.  If the MPDU lease is terminated within the occupancy period, the units must be rented to another MPDU client at a price determined by the City.   Once the 99-year occupancy period ends the rental unit will be put on the available for rent list at market rate.   However this does not apply to Bell Annapolis on West which was built prior to the MPDU code amendment in 2019. Currently the occupancy for Bell Annapolis on West ends July 28, 2026. 

3.        What other monthly costs, besides a rental payment, must I pay if I rent an MPDU? 

Some developments may include utility fees in their monthly rent payments.   If the rental price does not include utilities, you will be required to pay monthly bills such as water and sewer, electric and heating etc.  

4.        Do you check the eligibility of renters once they are living in an MPDU?

The MPDU and leasing offices monitor renters on an annual basis.  If the Certificate Holder is no longer income eligible for the program, they will have to move out of their MPDU within a time (set by the MPDU office) which is currently six months.  The city allows the renters income to go up to 120% of median income before they must vacate the MPDU 

5.        What happens if a certificate holder wants to move out of their apartment when their lease expires?

The certificate holder will be required to notify the leasing office of their desire to terminate their lease.  Once the MPDU becomes vacant, the leasing office notifies other certificate holders of a vacancy within the development.  

Revised    12-5-22