FY23 Annapolis Building Resilient Communities Together Grant Opportunity

Opportunity for Funding

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FY 2023 Building Resilient Communities Together:

Boots on the Ground Community Engagement Grant

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Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through the application portal.

Summary Statement:

Alderwoman Sheila Finlayson sponsored legislation for the 2023 Fiscal Year to fund programs in Annapolis that build up communities. The Office of Community Services has developed the following guidelines for interested applicants.

Created in 2020, the Office of Community Services (OCS) of the City of Annapolis’ vision is to foster healthier, safer, empowered and thriving communities. To that end, OCS is seeking community based organizations to work with us to develop programs that build resilient, empowered communities in Annapolis. This funding will support projects that have hands-on outreach and engagement strategies responding directly to a community need. We are looking for organizations that will be catalysts for change by being present, developing long term relationships and building trust with community members. An individualized and on the ground approach is critical for approval of funds. 

We seek to fund organizations that will apply a public health lens to violence prevention in the following Annapolis communities:

  • Bay Ridge Gardens
  • Harbour House/Eastport Terrace
  • Madison Apartments
  • Bywater
  • Robinwood
  • Annapolis Gardens
  • Admiral Oaks
  • Clay Street, Obery Court/College Creek Apartments
  • Woodside
  • Parole
  • Allen Apartments
  • Admiral Farragut
  • Quiet Waters
  • Watergate Village

This grant is designed to assist community organizations with their work in the communities that need them the most.  Each organization will focus on one specific community which they will target and dedicate their efforts to. Those efforts will include one-on-one contact with the residents in the given community. Efforts will support the residents through a variety of programs and activities while connecting them to needed resources. The grantees will be expected to be informed of community needs, issues and urgencies, and to be able to share them in meetings with OCS.

Our objectives are to build resilient communities through:

  1. Developing one on one long term relationships and/or mentorships with community members;
  2. Increasing community ownership and empowerment;
  3. Keep a finger on the pulse of community issues;
  4. Directing residents to resources to strengthen neighborhoods with underlying inequities; and
  5. Culturally competent approaches for multi-generational and multi-racial and ethnic engagement.

Funding Amount:

The City of Annapolis will fund up to $180,000.00 in one-time grant awards to a maximum of nine non-profit organizations with 501c-3 status. A maximum of $20,000.00 will be granted to each organization. Only one organization will be funded per neighborhood.

Funding Period:

November 2023 - June 2023.


Organizations must have a 501-c3 status in order to be eligible for funding.

Scope of Work:

OCS invites community based organizations within the City of Annapolis to submit a proposal (link here to portal) that outlines a community engagement and relationship building plan in one community.  The proposal should work towards building resilient communities through trauma-informed programming, services and activities that build trust and community resilience and stability. 

Programs must build on the following OCS values: Advocacy, Commitment, Empathy, Empowerment, Trust, Inclusion and/or Education, and should/could include:

  • Mentorship programs that will build long term one-on-one relationships with at risk individuals;
  • Neighborhood-targeted approaches;
  • Mental health services, counseling, or other mental health supports;
  • Trauma-informed approaches; 
  • Engagement of open dialogue with community members;
  • Programs that encourage community ownership and engagement;
  • Inclusive and equitable approaches;  and/or
  • Destigmatizing practices. 

This grant will not fund:

  • One time engagement projects (projects in which you have one encounter with one individual, and have no follow up or further engagement with them);
  • One time pop up events;
  • Projects outside of Annapolis limits; or
  • Programs that focus on more than one Annapolis neighborhood.

Work Plan:

All proposals should include a practical work plan and timeline with objectives clearly outlining the proposed activities and dates in which each activity will take place. The work plan must also include the logistics necessary for implementation of said activities, list of SMARTIE goals and objectives per activity, and follow up process. Proposals should also include performance measures and expected outcomes.


Reports will be submitted twice: once in the middle of the grant period, and once at the end of the program. All grantees will be required to attend quarterly meetings to share progress and give updates.

Budget Proposal:

All applicants must complete and submit an itemized budget proposal with their application. A budget plan must be included to explain how the applicant will utilize funds. A maximum of 10% of funds may be destined to overhead costs. 

Application Deadline:

Please submit your application via the application portal. Any questions can be directed to communityservices@annapolis.gov. The application will remain open until funds are used.

All interested parties are invited to an information session on Tuesday, October 11th, at 11:00 a.m.

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Complete all parts and questions in the application portal (Link:https://arcg.is/LGTS1). If the application is left incomplete, it will not be deemed fundable. If your organization is unable to submit through the application portal, please contact communityservices@annapolis.gov for approval to submit your application in paper at City Hall (160 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD 21401) or via email to communityservices@annapolis.gov.

It is recommended that you copy the complete set of questions for the application here into a separate document and once they are completed, copy them into the application portal. The questions can be accessed here. 

Character limits are recommended, but not strictly enforced, but we ask that applicants try not to exceed 50 characters past the advised limit. 

A budget template can be accessed here as a guiding document, but organizations can submit their own template, so long as all the funds that are requested are itemized and explained in the budget.

PDF of BRC Grant Opportunity