FY24 Annapolis Children and Families Success Grant

Children and Families Success Grant

FY23 Budget Amendment: Adds $100,000.00 in funding to the Office of Community Services for Child Care Assistance

Applications are now closed.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact The Office of Community Services at (410) 263-7997 Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or by email via communityservices@annapolis.gov

Summary Statement: 

In the summer of 2022, Councilman DaJuan Gay presented an amendment seeking additional funds to support child care services in the City of Annapolis, with the intention of helping youth of our city access enrichment and learning development programs through the Children and Families Success Grant. In 2023, he secured additional funding for a second round of funding for organizations.

The City of Annapolis’ Office of Community Services’ (OCS) vision is to foster healthier, safer, empowered and thriving communities. In efforts to continue supporting and developing programs that will build community resilience and support systems for families, we are opening a new opportunity for funding for community based organizations to open, expand and/or enhance child care programs that provide structured activities for youth with adult oversight at a physical location within Annapolis that develop physical, emotional, social, behavioral, and/or intellectual capacities for youth.

Specialty programs can include, but are not limited to: recreation, sports, arts, science and technology programs, youth development, learning & education, enrichment programs, crafts, life skill building, access to new opportunities, wellness projects, etc. Programs must be able to show how they are preventing adverse childhood experiences and providing access and opportunities for youth from the low-income families of Annapolis. Innovative programs and strategies are encouraged, and programs with a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion will be prioritized. 

We are seeking community organizations and leaders to develop and expand activities throughout the summer and fall for youth with limited opportunities. We are especially interested in funding projects in low income neighborhoods run by community leaders. Projects that help to address the need for child care services and youth development throughout the summer, or programming offered from 2:00pm-7:00pm as after school programming, are especially encouraged.


  • To provide culturally competent programs that promote children’s development physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially;
  • To provide environments for children to feel safe and empowered, learning to tackle challenges, and build self-confidence;
  • To provide opportunity for socialization for children that have spent two years connecting virtually, at a distance or not at all, due to the COVID-19 pandemic; 
  • To provide access to enrichment activities, and therefore decrease the opportunity gap for low-income children; and
  • To provide a safe space for children from working families that cannot afford after-school or summer programming.

Funding amount: 

OCS will fund up to $20,000.00 per grant proposal, and a minimum of five organizations with programs dedicated to supporting Annapolis youth. Organizations that can showcase work done within Annapolis communities and that accept Maryland Child Care subsidy program participants are encouraged to apply. 

This funding is not intended to cover organization’s operational expenses beyond what is necessary for the successful implementation of the project proposed and its evaluation.

Funding Period: 

Fiscal Year 2024: July 2023 - June 2024.


The Office of Community Services will only fund programs presented by organizations with a 501(c)3 Status and/or businesses that will use awarded funding to provide scholarships to their program or to develop activities that will be provided at no cost to participants. We encourage and welcome applications from organizations working together with youth to develop programs by and for themselves, with the logistical and financial support of the applying organization.

Grantees will be required to submit a mid- program and final report, as well as participate in three meetings with OCS staff.

Application Requirements, Guidelines, and Evaluation Criteria:

Grants will be reviewed after the application portal closes and awarded shortly thereafter.  

When evaluating grant applications for the FY 2024 City of Annapolis Children and Families Success Grant, a panel will consider the following evaluation criteria:

  • Alignment with OCS values and grant objectives: How well does the proposed project align with the stated objectives of the grant program, such as promoting children's development, providing safe environments, addressing the opportunity gap for low-income children, and supporting working families;
  • Impact and Community Need: Evaluating the extent of the issue or need being addressed in the City of Annapolis and the specific community or population affected. We will consider the size, severity, and demographic/geographic information to understand the significance of the project's impact;
  • Innovation and Equity: We will prioritize programs that demonstrate innovation and strategies to address equity, diversity, and inclusion. We will consider how the project incorporates new approaches, creative solutions, and ensures accessibility and opportunities for marginalized communities;
  • Organizational Capacity: We will evaluate the organizational structure, leadership, and board/staff responsibilities related to the program, as well as assess the organization's track record, experience, and ability to effectively manage and deliver projects; 
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: If the proposal includes partnerships, we will assess the description of roles and responsibilities for each leader/stakeholder/organization and consider the strength and value of collaborations in achieving the project's goals and outcomes;
  • Budget and Financial Condition: We will review the proposed budget and ensure that all requested funds are adequately justified and aligned with the project's needs. Assess the organization's financial management capabilities and ensure the requested funding is used efficiently;
  • Technical Compliance: We will review whether documentation was received on time and is complete. Submission follows guideline - font and format guidelines adhered to. 
  • Performance Measurement and Evaluation: Evaluate the project's performance measures for success and effectiveness. Consider the clarity of the metrics, the organization's ability to track progress, and their commitment to providing mid-program and final reports, as well as participating in meetings with the Office of Community Services staff.


Complete all parts and questions in the application portal (Link: https://arcg.is/O4ajb0). If the application is left incomplete, it will not be deemed fundable. If your organization is unable to submit through the application portal, please contact Laura Gutierrez, Manager, Office of Community Services, by calling (410) 263-7997 or emailing lgutierrez@annapolis.gov for approval to submit your application in paper at City Hall (160 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD 21401) or via email to communityservices@annapolis.gov.

  • It is recommended that you copy the complete set of questions for the application here into a separate document and once they are completed, to copy them into the application portal. The questions can be accessed below.
  • Character limits are recommended, but not strictly enforced, but we ask that applicants try not to exceed 50 characters past the advised limit. 
  • A budget template can be accessed below under the title "Grant Documents" as a guiding document, but organizations can submit their own template, so long as all the funds that are requested are itemized and explained in the budget.

Grant Documents