Advertise on Annapolis Transit

Advertising with the Annapolis Transit is one of the best investments companies can make with their advertising dollars.

The Annapolis Transit actively encourages businesses or organizations to place print ads on buses, and in bus shelters. When businesses use the Annapolis Transit to place ads, they open the door to a highly visible medium for reaching large audiences of all ages, backgrounds and incomes.

Public transportation is uniquely equipped to allow advertisers to speak directly to transit riders with internal static ads and external traveling billboards. Transit ads also allow you to communicate with families and professionals in their vehicles, people walking or shopping and tourists finding their way around the Annapolis area. As you take a minute to imagine the endless advertising possibilities, the Annapolis Transit invites you to take advantage of this affordable way to advertise.


If you are interested in learning more about the numerous advertising options available on the Annapolis transit buses and/or bus shelters, please call or email the contact:

Mark A. Sheely
Vector Media, Inc.
Regional Manager
100 West Road , Suite 300
Towson, MD 21204

Office: 443-275-1770
Cell: 443-957-5968
Fax: 443-275-2449