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Photo_Laura Gutierrez

Laura Gutierrez

City of Annapolis Office of Community Services Manager

Phone: 410-263-7997

Laura Gutierrez is the Manager of the Office of Community Services of the City of Annapolis. With ample background in community organizing and implementing programs in emergency contexts, Gutierrez has brought together stakeholders to better serve Hispanic communities in her role as the Hispanic Liaison for the Office of the Mayor of Annapolis at the start of the pandemic. Gutierrez has also developed and launched the Take Care/Cuidate Annapolis program early into the pandemic in efforts to reduce COVID-19 cases in black and brown communities and was able to successfully flatten the curve of cases

Erica Griswold

Community Services Coordinator

Phone: (410) 980-4581

An Annapolis native, with an extensive background in community service. Griswold reflects the lived experience with her grandmother being Rosalie Mitchell, a respected and staple community leader in her day, who the Eastport Community Center is affectionately named after in her honor. Griswold learned from her firsthand the importance of knowing your rights and advocating for your community. Griswold's role is to coordinate schedules for non-profits organizations to utilize the space of the resource centers to offer their services to the residents. In addition, Erica devotes her time mentoring youth and women in communities and she fiercely serves as a liaison supporting and representing them.

An image of Erica Griswold standing behind the United States flag and the Maryland Flag
A picture of Erin Lee behind the Maryland and the United States flag

Erin Lee

Social Work Care Coordinator

Phone: (410)-562-0169

Erin Lee is a licensed social worker for the State of Maryland, and works closely with government agencies and nonprofits to find solutions to community needs and provide individual services and referrals. Some of the areas of focus include: access to healthcare, health education and community outreach, access to mental health services, food insecurity, financial burdens, and transportation. Erin has been fundamental to creating services in City peripheries, bringing programs and resources to vulnerable communities instead of making them travel far distances to get services.

Ismenia Bolivar Olivo

Community Health Worker

Phone: (443) 652-7212

Ismenia Bolivar is a lawyer in her country of origin, Venezuela, specialized in Family Law and with over 30 years of experience in defending the rights of patients with HIV. Bolivar is also certified in Psychological First Aid for Migrants, displaced people and refugees. She has been a crucial team member in the Cuidate Annapolis Program, in which she works with the Hispanic/Latino Communities in health education, education, culture and human rights, and connecting them with the resources offered by the City of Annapolis.


Meet Our Interns!


Ivis Hernandez

Intern, Fall 2022

Ivis Hernandez is 22 years old. She was born and raised in Colombia and arrived in the US in 2018. She was one of the youngest latinas to be recognized by the Anne Arundel County Black Leaders Caucus of 2022, introduced by County Executive Steuart L. Pittman.  She has a passion for helping and understanding the needs and problems of the Hispanic community. As an immigrant, it is not easy to start a new life from scratch in another country, but she is here to make a difference, improve, and learn every day.

Coren Makell

Intern, Fall 2022

Coren Eve Makell is a 21 year old Annapolis native dedicated to serving her community, and her neighbors residing in Ward 4. She is a proud neighborhood advocate who is driven and motivational to everyone she encounters. As a licensed Esthetician, Makell has an extensive and continuing education background in Self Care. Her mission is to spread more awareness about the importance of self efficacy, confidence and unity. Coren encourages her community to chase their wildest dreams and to Never Give Up!

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