Annapolis PILOT Parking Lot Dining Program

The City of Annapolis has created an Outdoor Parking Lot Pilot Program, which aims to inform future City policy with regard to outside dining in parking lots.

Participation in this PILOT program will enable outside dining in parking lots to continue until October 25 which is the end of the study period. 

This program is authorized by R-22-22 Restaurant Use of Private Parking Lots- A Pilot Study.  

This program has been extended until April 24, 2023 by R-30-22 Restaurant Parking Lot Usage Pilot Program Extension for Outdoor Dining

If you would like to participate in this Pilot Program, please fill out the Parking Lot Dining Pilot Program Application.

Participation Steps:  

  1. Complete an application by 5pm on July 1, which includes the following: 
    • Provide a letter from the parking lot property owner authorizing its use for outside dining if necessary
    • Provide the restaurant street address
    • Provide a picture of the space and a site plan with measurements
    • Identify the types of barricades that are being proposed for use to protect patrons and provide any relevant safety information
    • Identify the number of impacted parking spaces
    • Payment Options:
    • Full Payment of the $4,228 permit processing Fee – OR-
    • First Installment Payment of $2,114 made on July 1 with a Second Installment Payment of $2,114 due on September 1
    • Payment will be requested by the Department of Planning and Zoning upon receipt of application. 
  2. The application will be routed to the following departments and reviewed by 5 pm on July 8:
    • Public Works (Access Safety from Road Review)
    • Fire Marshal’s Office (Emergency Vehicle Access Review)
    • Planning & Zoning Code Enforcement (Restaurant Operational Capacity Review)
    • Historic Preservation Office to facilitate a pre-application meeting for Historic District restaurants 
    • Other City agencies as needed
  3. After determining that there are no significant objections or concerns from the city agencies a Parking Lot Dining Permit will be issued by the Department of Planning & Zoning.
  4. Permitted restaurants will be required to provide the City of Annapolis or its representatives with survey information for the duration of the PILOT Study which will conclude on October 25.
  5. PILOT Program participating restaurants will need to adhere to Historic Preservation Commission guidelines if operating within the Historic District.
  6.  A tent / temporary structure permit may be required for restaurants operating outside of the Historic District before outside dining operations can begin. If you already have a tent permit, please provide the permit number with your application. 
  7. Non-compliance with the PILOT Program permit procedures will require the restaurant to discontinue outside dining operations within their parking lot. 

Alcohol License

If you are interested in serving alcohol in your parking lot, an updated Alcohol Beverage Control Board license is required to expand the footprint of your existing license.

To obtain this approval, please submit a letter addressed to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for seasonal usage of the outside designated area, the letter to the Board should includes:

  • Site plan of the outside dining area (8x11)
  • Plan to prevent the service of alcohol to minors
  • Specific dates and hours that the designated area will be used for outside dining
  • Permission from the owner of the designated parking lot if not owned by the applicant (PILOT Parking Lot Program participants only)

Letters can be sent via email to Cyndi Gaines, Deputy Clerk at