Police Accountability Board

Annapolis Seat on the Anne Arundel County Police Accountability Board

On April 18, Anne Arundel County Council passed legislation to establish, as required by State law, a Police Accountability Board (PAB). There are nine members of the PAB with one of the appointments reserved for the City of Annapolis. 

The selection process to fill the Annapolis seat will take place simultaneously to the county selecting the other eight members. All nine members of the new PAB will be sworn in in time for the state’s deadline of July 1, 2022.

ANNAPOLIS APPLICANTS: Applicants from Annapolis who would like to be considered should submit an application.

REQUIREMENTS: The term of appointment will generally be three years, although some of the initial appointments will be two years in order to have staggered turnover in the future. Please review requirements as set by Anne Arundel County HERE

DUTIES: The duties include participating in quarterly meetings and working with law enforcement agencies to improve matters of policing; receiving complaints of police misconduct and forwarding to the appropriate agencies for investigation; appointing members of Administrative Charging Committees and Trial Boards; reviewing outcomes of disciplinary matters; and reporting trends and recommending policies to elected officials to improve accountability in policing. The board will review the following policing agencies: Anne Arundel County, City of Annapolis, Crofton and Anne Arundel Community College. 

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