Commercial Docking

 The Charter Dock is the front face of City Dock located at Susan Campbell Park. 

Charters are not confirmed until they are approved by our office and all insurance and payment information is submitted.


The Initial Charter Dock Fee for the Annapolis Charter Dock is $2.50 per foot of overall length of the vessel. The initial charter dock fee only includes a maximum of 90 minutes at the Annapolis City Dock, and only 1 loading of the vessel and 1 discharge of that same vessel. 

Requests to dock for more than 90 total minutes will be considered in the Harbormaster's discretion, and will only be permitted if it does not interfere with other users in the sole discretion of the Harbormaster. If approved, additional docking time beyond 90 total minutes will be billed at a fee of $0.25 per foot per hour, which is in addition to the Initial Charter Dock Fee.

Fee waivers requests must be submitted at least 75 days in advance of the requested arrival date. 


Charter vessels must submit a copy of current liability insurance coverage in the amount of no less than $1,000,000 combined single limit liability for each occurrence of injury or damage arising out of any operations conducted at Annapolis Charter dock, with the City of Annapolis as a named insured, second insured or co-insured


Credit card or check made out to the Annapolis Harbormaster's Office. Fees are due no later than 3 days prior to the schedule arrival. 

You can request a charter using the link below. Please be sure to review all of the rules and procedures.

Charter Dock Request