Charter Dock

We have a specific area of our docks that allows for commercial activity which is the front face of City Dock located at Susan Campbell Park. 

The initial charter fee is $2.50 per foot which consists of 90 min. maximum and includes only 1 loading of vessel and 1 discharge from the same vessel. Any additional time and/or additional loadings will incur a fee of $0.25 per foot per each additional hour (any additional time will be rounded to the hour; no prorated time). 

Charters are not confirmed until they are approved by our office and all insurance and payment information is submitted.


Charter vessels must submit a copy of current liability insurance coverage in the amount of no less than $1,000,000 combined single limit liability for each occurrence of injury or damage arising out of any operations conducted at Annapolis Charter dock, with the City of Annapolis as a named insured, second insured or co-insured


Credit card or check made out to the Annapolis Harbormaster's Office. Fees are due no later than 3 days prior to the schedule arrival. 

Fee waivers requests must be submitted at least 75 days in advance of the requested arrival date. 

You can request a charter using the link below. Please be sure to review all of the rules and procedures.

Charter Dock Request