Refuse Collection

The City of Annapolis provides solid waste collection for refuse (trash), recycling and yard trim to our residential customers.

Think before you throw materials in your trash because you may be able to recycle them instead.  Thank you for helping keep our City clean.


For more information on the types of containers available to you and how to properly use your refuse containers, click here.


Containers vary among refuse, recycling and yard trim.  Click here to learn what containers you need and where you can find them.

3-ContainerNotice-pink Make sure you know the ins and outs of proper curbside collection to avoid having you container left at the curb with a pink sticker.

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Looking for your collection day by street name.  Use the Services Provided by Street to identify your collection day. Please note:  refuse, recycling, and yard trim are all collected on the same day.  The list is an alphabetical list (by street name) that indicates the day of your collection or if your community has private collection.  Some streets may have communities with private collection even if street is listed, in those cases please consult your HOA or property manager for details.  Just click on the letter that your street begins with. 

Services Provided by Street


Batteries come in all shapes and sizes.  Be sure you know how to dispose of them when they lose their energy.

Alkaline Batteries

Household alkaline batteries, which may include flashlight, watch, camera, AAA, AA, C, D and 9V transistor, no longer contain mercury and are no longer considered hazardous.  You can dispose of them in household trash.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries typically contain heavy metals that are considered hazardous and should be e-cycled.

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Self-Balancing Scooters

Batteries in self-balancing scooters can catch fire, so remove them from the unit before disposing of the scooter.  Contact your local battery retailer or electronic recycler for information on acceptance of the battery pack.


Follow these tips to avoid having to dispose of paint

  • Buy only the paint you need.
  • Use all your paint by applying extra coats.
  • Store paint so it lasts by covering the opening with plastic wrap and making sure the lid fits securely.  Store the paint can upside down.  with the plastic wrap in place, the paint will create a tight seal around the lid, keeping the paint fresh until you need it again.

Latex Paint

  • Dry leftover paint and discard it with your regular trash.
  • Remove the lid and let your leftover latex paint air dry away from children ans pets.  You may stir in a cup of cat litter to speed dry the material.
  • You may dispose of the dried paint along with normal trash.

Oil-Based Paint

This material is hazardous.  Take to a household hazardous waste collection site.  Don't discard with your regular trash.

Refuse, Recycling and Yard Trim

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