Private Moorings

Annapolis City Code allows for boat owners the opportunity to apply for an Annual Mooring Permit at approved locations in City Waters (PDF). The applications are available at the Harbormaster's Office, and the fee schedule is listed below. For more information, call or visit the main office.

Waiting List

The fee to be added to a waiting list is $50. There are four separate waiting lists for Weems Creek, Spa Creek, Back Creek, and the Severn River. The fee applies to each individual waiting list when applying to more than one location.


Once a private annual mooring buoy becomes available in the according wait-list location, the annual application fee is $50.


The fee for the Annual Mooring Permit is as follows. For residents, the annual cost is $1,000. For non-residents, the annual cost is $1,800. For commercial use, the annual cost is $1,950.