Bus Routes & Schedules

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  1. Sunday Routes
  2. Red Route
  3. Purple Route - South
  4. Purple Route - North
  5. Brown Route
  6. Orange Route
  7. Green Route

Sunday Routes

Purple North, Purple South and Mobility (ADA Paratransit)

Gold Route

The Gold Route is now operated by Anne Arundel County. 

For more info please call 410-222-7440

Purple Route South

Westfield Mall to Eastport via Annapolis Towne Center and Church Circle:

  • Annapolis Marketplace    
  • Bay Forest Center   
  • Eastport  
  • Forest Drive    
  • Hilltop Lane   
  • Housley Road 
  • Westfield Mall

Purple Route South Schedule (PDF)

Purple Route North

Westfield Mall to Eastport via Annapolis Towne Center and Church Circle:

  •  Annapolis Towne Center    
  • Church Circle   
  • Eastport    
  • Housley Road  
  • Main Street    
  • West Street Library  
  • Westfield Mall

Purple Route - North Schedule (PDF)