Mayor Buckley's Neighborhood Safety Plan

Mayor Buckley's Neighborhood Safety Plan

Prevention Programs

Re-Entry Programs

Workforce Development
Parole Office at APD
Financial Literacy

LEAD Annapolis

Work with courts and police to
divert non-violent offenders to
community-based services.

Inter-agency Coordination

County Mental Health Referrals

Community Relations

Youth Programs

Recreation and Parks
Police Camps and Field Trips
One Annapolis Pop Up Camps

Resource Centers

On-site and staffed with
social work teams.

No Harm

Substance Use and Abuse
Violence Interruption


Body Worn Cameras

Since 2017, all sworn officers
wear and are trained in Body-Worn Cameras

Compliance with Maryland 

Police Accountability Act

No Knock Warrants
Internal Investigations
Public Information Requests

Civilian Review Advisory

Established in 2020


Safety is a Priority

All residents have a right to
live in safe communities.

Closing Cases

Holding criminals accountable
by swiftly closing cases.
In 2021, APD has already closed
three of four homicide cases.

Reduce crime and incarceration

By strengthening community ties, police can focus on protecting
residents from criminal activity.
Public Safety Data
Crime Report
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Annapolis Police works to provide
assistance to members of the community
returning from a period of incarceration
A drawing of a police officer

Neighborhood Patrols

Officers are dedicated to
patrolling areas experiencing
increased crime to offer assistance
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Engagement teams help at-risk
youth with schoolwork while
"Character Counts" provides
positive interaction with law
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Security Service

December 2021: APD will offer private
security and staff to assist communities
with security and training
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Juvenile Diversion

Summer 2022: Officers will speak
to at-risk youth to help them
avoid incarceration and
develop camps,
conflict resolution and more.
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ONGOING: Annapolis Police
will work with the
Masons to support
a new lodge with
the intent of
mentoring youth.
Lock your car, hide your belongings, take your keys, do leave your vehicle unattended.
In 2020, Annapolis had 198 non-fatal overdoses, 28 being fatal. 2021 110 non-fatal, with 16 fatal

Homicide/Shooting/Shots Fired

data from 2019 to 2021