Participate in Our Rethink Recycling Competition!

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Here's how:

1. Recycle back to the basics with PPMG.


 2. Every 3 months, DPW measures how well residents  recycle on each Collection Day.

 3. Collection Day Recycle Champions who recycle right during that period get a blue ribbon! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for special updates and shoutouts.

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The below recycling containers show the rate at which Annapolis residents properly recycle in each collection area. If you have the number one spot, keep up the good work by recycling properly. Falling behind? Encourage friends and family to help reach the 50% Recycling Goal!

Did You Know? Approximately 50% of the waste we generate is recyclable.


Scorecard Reporting Period - Jan - Mar 2023
Scorecard FY2023_Q3

Public Works Acknowledges:  

  • Tuesday customers for the best recycling rate from July 2022 - Present ( 7months)

Next Challenge

Today is the day. 1,2,3...Go!

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