Cedar Park Sidewalk

The City of Annapolis will be installing a mockup of the temporary Cedar Park Sidewalk on or about Wednesday July 21, 2021. This mockup will be approximately 60 linear feet beginning at Fisk Circle toward Windell Avenue. 

This mockup is being installed to give residents a full size representation of what the temporary walkway will look like. Residents can expect a series of flexible reflective posts and parking bumpers, defining the temporary walkway.

This is the first step of the Cedar Park Sidewalk capital improvement project. The final project scope is to construct a 5’ concrete sidewalk and curb from Halsey Road to Windell Avenue within the current roadway paved area.

Please contact Jennifer at (410) 263 -7949 or jmfeight@annapolis.gov to provide feedback! 

Cedar Park Sidewalk

General Scope:

  • Provide a sidewalk connection from existing sidewalk to Windell Avenue (Approx. 1800LF)
  • Temporary sidewalk/walkway and no parking signs placed in April 2021.
  • Sidewalk will be 5’ wide extending from existing curb line into Cedar Park drive 

General Details

  • Parking will be removed on Cedar Park Road adjacent to proposed sidewalk.
  • The temporary walkway will remain until permanent installation is completed.
  • The project will include new driveway aprons and minor driveway adjustments.
  • ADA truncated domes will be placed at every street crossing.
  • Storm drain inspection and adjustments will be made to accommodate storm water management practices and new curb line.