Cedar Park Sidewalk

The City of Annapolis will be installing a temporary Cedar Park Walkway the first week of November. 

The temporary sidewalk will connect the existing sidewalk from the Admiral Heights Community sign to the existing sidewalk near Halsey Road. 

On Tuesday October 27th City Officials met with community members on site to discuss three options for the sidewalk project.  One option is to put the sidewalk in the existing yards and not change the roadway at all.  While this option was not ruled out it will require much more extensive work, yard grading and the use of retention walls.  There are concerns about the budget implications, consent needed from affected homeowners and possible storm water, tree removal and utility issues.  Two other options were discussed.  Option one has the sidewalk on the "outbound" side and the parking on the opposite or "inbound" side. Option two has the sidewalk on the "outbound" side of the road and the parking adjacent to the sidewalk with parking removed from the "inbound" side.  please see pictures in link below).

Sidewalk Options

While there were proponents for both options (as well as proponents for the in the yard option and no sidewalks at all) the most popular choice was Option two - to place the parking lane next to the sidewalk.  

This temporary sidewalk is being installed to allow residents to see the proposed location of the permanent parking and sidewalk in action and to provide a walkway for use until the permanent sidewalk can be installed. Residents can expect a series of flexible reflective posts and parking bumpers, defining the temporary walkway as well as new paint indicating travel lanes and parking areas.

This is an interim step of the Cedar Park Sidewalk capital improvement project. The final project scope is to construct a 5’ concrete sidewalk and curb from Halsey Road to Windell Avenue.

Please contact Jennifer at (410) 263 -7949 or jmfeight@annapolis.gov to provide feedback! 

Cedar Park Sidewalk

General Scope:

  • Provide a sidewalk connection from existing sidewalk to Windell Avenue (Approx. 1800LF)
  • Temporary sidewalk/walkway and no parking signs placed in November 2021.
  • Sidewalk will be 5’ wide extending from existing curb line into Cedar Park drive 

General Details

  • Parking will be removed on Cedar Park Road across from the proposed sidewalk.
  • The temporary walkway will remain until permanent installation is completed.
  • The project will include new driveway aprons and minor driveway adjustments.
  • ADA truncated domes will be placed at every street crossing.
  • Storm drain inspection and adjustments will be made to accommodate storm water management practices and new curb line.
Cedar Park detail (1)