Project Progress in Pictures

Drone Imagery of the Project

This image is the combined result of 128 separate images. It has two sub versions, Map and Model. Both are zoomable and rotatable. Under the Map version, if you select Elevation, it will provide a color topo map with relative changes in topography. For reference. Elevation 0 was where the drone took off from which is were the pilot and observer are standing in the image. The Model version creates a 3D image of the site  using the same 128 images.

The perspective from about 200’ above the center of site. It is rotatable and zoomable.

This is the video version. Download and open the media player. This provides a slightly different version of the project site. This is a fixed presentation and as the project goes forward may be a good shareable outreach tool.

With the project concern about the wetland and stream impact. We took a large number of dedicated lower level images of this area. In an amusing sidebar, we captured a dear and fawn in the area with the mother watching us carefully. These are assembled in a report for ease of viewing, but as separate images, can be zoomed for greater detail.

This link will show drone imagery of the Cowhide Branch of Weems Creek at noon on 9/26/21.