Curbside Collection Information

The Annapolis City Code 10.16 requires each owner and occupant of the property to provide sufficient number of containers for the proper storage and disposal of trash between and during times of trash collection service.  Improper storage of household trash can provide a source of food and a home for rodents and insects and may resulting health nuisance.  

The  document Curbside Collection in Annapolis has information to prevent your trash from being left at the curb.

Do You Know How It Goes?

Refuse Collection

trash bag with trash in it

1. Place trash in a bag.

trash bags in can

2. Place trash bags in your refuse container.

3. Refuse containers must be  water tight, durable, have a lid, and address on container.

trash can with lid

4.  Place the container at the curb in front of your house or where your property meets the roadway for collection.

Recycling Collection

recycling in a bag going to the bin

1. Follow these steps, if you collect your recyclables in a bag.

recycling removed from the plastic bag

2. Take the bag to the recycling container and EMPTY the bag.

recycling loose in the bin

3. The recyclables should be loose in the container.

4. Don't include plastic bags, film plastic, styrofoam, medical waste, prescription pill bottles, tetra paks, food-soiled material, hoses, wires and hangers in the recycle container.

recycling bin and a no plastic bag sign

5. Throw the bag in the trash or reuse it again.

6. Place next to your refuse container for collection.

Printable flyer below (English/ Spanish:  Do You Know How It Goes?

If you have questions about where your refuse should be placed for collection contact the Department of Public Works at 410-263-7949.