Parklet Application Process

Seasonal Parklets

As part of our planning and preparation for the post-COVID-19 State of Emergency period, the City of Annapolis is allowing businesses the opportunity to lease public parking spaces to create seasonal parklets.

Executed Leases 

For more information on the parklet program, please review the following documents:

Seasonal Parklet Program Operational Framework

If you are interested in a seasonal lease, please start by filling out this Parklet Request Form.

Along with your business and contact information, you will need to include the following information:

  • Period through which you propose to lease the parklet (three month to six month lease)
  • Number of parking spaces to be leased (two space maximum on public streets) 
  • Space number (if relevant)
  • Closest street address
  • Photo of the parking space/s where parklet is proposed
  • Site map or drawing of site with measurements
  • Provide FMO certification of flame retardant application for all tents and umbrellas demonstrating compliance with NFPA 1 and/or NFPA 701

Daily Lease Rate

The Seasonal Parklet lease rate will be determined by the area of the City in which the parklet utilizing public street parking is located:

  • Downtown Historic District: $50 per day
  • Arts District: $30 per day 
  • West Annapolis: $35 per day 
  • Eastport: $19 per day 

Application Review Process

Your application will be reviewed by the following offices and departments:

  • Annapolis Parking
  • Department of Public Works
  • Office of the Fire Marshal (see requirements below)
  • Office of Law
  • Other departments as relevant 

If your request is approved by the aforementioned City departments a lease will be drafted.  A standard lease template has been approved by the City Council via O-16-22. For further information,  View a Standard Parklet Sample Lease. Individual leases will be approved administratively.   

Historic Preservation Review

Restaurants located in the historic district will need final approval through a Historic Preservation Commission Administrative Approval from the Historic Preservation Commission and must follow Outdoor Furniture Guidelines.

Alcohol License 

If you are interested in serving alcohol in your parklet, an updated Alcohol Beverage Control Board license is required to expand the footprint of your existing license.

To obtain this approval, please submit a letter addressed to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for seasonal usage of the outside designated area, the letter to the Board should includes:

  • Site plan of the outside dining area (8x11)
  • Plan to prevent the service of alcohol to minors
  • Specific dates and hours that the designated area will be used for outside dining
  • Permission from the owner of the designated parking lot if not owned by the applicant (PILOT Parking Lot Program participants only)

Letters can be sent via email to Cyndi Gaines, Deputy Clerk at

Fire Marshal Requirements

To expedite approval by the Fire Marshal's Office, Please follow these safety guidelines when submitting your application 

  1. Crowd Managers are required for assembly groups greater than 50 people with a minimum ratio of 1 crowd manager per 250 people.  View this page to MD SFMO
  2. Provide FMO certification of flame retardant application for all tents and umbrellas demonstrating compliance with NFPA 1 and/or NFPA 701.
  3. Flame and heat producing devices shall be at least 5 ft from all combustible surfaces including tents and umbrellas. (If the manufacturer's data requires a greater distance, then that greater distance applies.)
  4. Flame and heat producing devices shall be at least 5 ft from any exit.
  5. Flame and heat producing device manufacturer product literature needs to be submitted to the FMO for review.
  6. Propane tanks can not be stored inside and they must not be closer than 10 ft from an exit of an inside or outside assembly area with only one exit and 5 ft from an exit of an inside or outside assembly area with two exits.
  7. Fire extinguishers need to be accessible at all times in accordance with NFPA 10.
  8. Hydrants and Fire Department Connections (FDCs) should have a 3ft circumference unobstructed clearance.