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The Arts & Culture chapter focuses on strengthening and expanding the cultural landscape of the City. Specific attention is directed at raising the visibility of Annapolis’ diverse heritage and highlighting under-acknowledged narratives. The City has a range of important organizations and tools already in place for enhancing the cultural life of the city and the creative economy, and these should be strengthened and coordinated for maximum public benefit.

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Adopt an approach to historic and cultural preservation that is inclusive and equitable and fully acknowledges the diversity of cultures that have created the Annapolis of today.

Performance Metrics: 

  • Add at least two (2) historic sites outside of the downtown Historic District to the City of Annapolis Local Landmark program and at least one (1) application for National Register status every five years. 
  • Submit at least one grant application to the State of Maryland’s African-American Heritage Preservation Program every two years.

Action 1: Develop a preservation action plan for all notable historic sites beyond the downtown Historic District, particularly those relevant to African-American heritage. 

Action 2: Work with the National Park Service to implement its Master Interpretation Plan which is taking an expansive and inclusive approach to cultural and historical interpretation.

Action 3: Explore the potential for a National Register designation of the Parole Rosenwald School and funding opportunities for preservation.

Action 4: Explore a cultural district designation for the Parole area that would promote the area  for tourism and unlock access to additional grant funding.

Action 5: Budget for the City to add a new Historic Site Manager position who will better manage, curate, and program historic sites owned by the City.

Action 6: Identify funding opportunities for artists, designers, and curators to develop new ways of interpreting historic sites.

Action 7: Explore opportunities for the Banneker-Douglass Museum and other organizations to assist with the stewardship of African-American historic sites in the city.

Action 8: Explore grant-funded artist opportunities for innovative interpretation of historic sites, particularly in advance of restoration.